Data Driven Delivery

Whatever the project, we can deliver a fully trained and experienced project staffing resource who can slot into your team and get sh*t done. We’re not only able to provide qualified resources for a project, but by using scientific testing we’re able to determine which people will work best together in a team, delivering synergies at every point in the project lifecycle.


“Makosi has always stood out as a consulting firm that cares about where I want to go, not only in my career, but my life. They present me with a wide range of projects and opportunities and I get to pick the one that will take me to the next level.”

Paul, Finance Project Professional

Workforce Strategy Redefined

‘Busy Season’ is a notoriously difficult period for Audit firms. The challenges relating to estimating resource demand and securing quality audit resources often leaves firms struggling during the most lucrative time of the year. During a period when the local resource pool is depleted, and the fact that many audit firms lack the international networks to source people internationally, our clients look to Makosi to bridge the gap. Drawing on our audit and accounting experience and utilizing our international locations and networks, Makosi provides a program which effectively outsources the recruiting and logistics around a “Just in Time” Audit Busy Season.


“The team arrived and immediately integrated with our stakeholders, suppliers and technology advisors. It meant a lot to us that the people had worked together before and were all supported by a project success specialist. Having a team onsite that shares the same core values is a powerful thing.”

Dan, Data Governance Top Tier Financial Institution

Realize the Salesforce Revolution

The challenges relating to estimating resource demand and securing quality Salesforce resources often leaves firms challenged to support projects and serve their clients. The demand for salesforce talent has been a challenge for many firms to ensure their important CRM projects are delivered. Using our global presence, Makosi delivers onshore teams and resources to bridge the gap.


“Makosi has an interesting way of sourcing young energetic talent and then training them in an intensive, efficient and meaningful way. This not only creates opportunities for young people but it also provides clients like me with great staff for my projects or full time needs.”

Jacob, Head of Nearshoring Staffing Strategies – Top Tier Financial Institution

Skillset + Mindset

In today’s challenging environment, doing more with less is always at the forefront of our clients thinking. Staffing up nearshore locations is one strategy that clients may use to save money and maximize productivity. As a consulting firm, Makosi is not only able to source and provide talent in these locations but we’re able to train them and get them ready to hit the ground running. Our training ranges from basic trade lifecycle through to compliance awareness and project management functions.


“Our relationship with Makosi has been refreshing to say the least. We get our accounts on time, with no drama. It’s a real partnership.”,

Bill, Head of Finance, Leading Hedge Fund

Our success depends entirely on the success of our clients.

Makosi Provides a compelling solution to the traditional fund administration model. Makosi Fund Services is a multi-service fund administrator that offers a unique turn-key solution to investment managers. Makosi combines institutionallevel technology with strong industry experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and goals. We are committed to fully partnering with our clients to ensure they receive the very best value combined with the highest quality service at the best price.