24 Jun 2015

My Experience – Series Kick-off

We’ve asked members of #TeamMakosi to share their experiences in project management and consulting. To kick our series off, Tim tells us why he transitioned from a full-time bank job to consulting:

I worked at a Big Bank for four years, specializing in finance, credit risk, and project management. Although the work was interesting and the compensation was sufficient, I wanted more. I knew if given the opportunity to take on more responsibility, I would succeed.

When Makosi first reached out to me I was skeptical of leaving a brand name firm to work for a boutique consulting firm. However, their lean operating process changed my mind. I was impressed with how Makosi made an on-the-spot offer after just two rounds of interviews. That level of flexibility and quick decision-making was not as common at a Big Bank with layers of bureaucracy.

The clients of Makosi are well-known financial services organizations, so while I have the comfort and support of a small consulting firm, I am still able to benefit from the resources available at a large organization. Additionally, when I wanted to build out my work experience, Makosi was receptive and allocated me to a totally new function. I am happy to be in a place where I can continue expanding my finance experience and driving my career path forward.