27 Feb 2018

Welcome To The Team – Chris Ruben

Team Makosi,

Let’s welcome Chris Ruben to the team. There was a time when we considered Chris to be our biggest competitor (a thorn in our side!) but we’ve happily packed away the voodoo doll and are now excited to call him a team mate and friend. Below is a short note from him. Please send him a note at and wish him congrats.


Born in San Diego, grew up in Long Island, NY in a small town called Northport. Have been an athlete my entire life, eventually going to college on a lacrosse scholarship before hanging them up. Super competitive person as you will soon find out. Hate losing or coming in 2nd which has benefited me greatly in my professional career.

Hobbies would include travel, cooking and spending time with my family. Looking forward to working with this unbelievable team here, as well as growing and learning with all of you as we embark on a new voyage of  unparalleled success!

-Chris Ruben