30 Mar 2018

Farewell and Thank You, Ryan Doliner!

Dear Makosi Team,

As some of you may already know, today is Ryan Doliner’s last day with the firm. We are very happy and excited to see Ryan take his personal career to the next level and, as well, we are incredibly grateful for his overwhelming contributions and dedication to Makosi while he was with us. A million “thank you’s” would not be nearly enough to express our gratitude to you, Ryan.

Ryan has been with Makosi Consulting since 2015 and has been a tremendous asset to our firm’s growth and overall success. He has truly stepped up and has been a leader of the firm right from the beginning and his personality both with the internal office staff as well as with all of the consultants, is something that will certainly be missed and not easily replaced.

Ryan is about to embark on an incredibly journey as he dives head first into a new work opportunity as well as starting a life with his (future) wife, Chelsea, as they are due to be wed in November of this year. We wish him nothing but success, health and happiness in all of his future endeavors both personally and professionally.

With that said, we are happy to announce that Christopher Stern will be stepping into Ryan’s role as we move forward. Chris and Ryan have worked together at 2 different companies over the course of 5 years and have worked very closely together over the past couple of weeks to ensure a seamless transition. Please feel free to reach out to Chris directly with any questions or comments at


Ryan, thank you for everything.

I look forward to our continued friendship and who knows, maybe we will work together again in another 5 years!!

Wish you nothing but the best, bud.



Christopher Stern | Associate