09 May 2018

Your Questions Answered!

As a company we live by our core values and one that we are very committed to is to always improve


We have an open-door policy. We will make ourselves available for anyone who wants to talk or have a question for any member of the team.

Listed below we have answer some of the questions you asked for our Q1 Town Hall:

Thank you all for your continued participation.

We hope this helps to address some of your questions and will continue to work towards improvement!




Q: Are there any plans on bolstering the recruiting team with additional talent?

A: We are in final rounds with Recruiters, Sourcers and Summer Interns and hope to have announcements on new Talent Acquisition Specialists joining Makosi soon.


Q: Has there been any headway made towards breaking into new sectors?

A: Yes, we are recruiting for Fintech firms on the West Coast and expanding our market presence in Alternative Investments. In addition to the Tri-State Area, our geographic presence now includes client sites in North Carolina, Colorado and California


Q: I think that it would be helpful to be able to view available opens especially as winding down on a project. Are there plans to post openings in Namely?

A: Namely is Makosi’s HR & Benefits Platform. Our live roles are listed on For up to date information on our opportunities please contact your Consultant Success Specialist. If you have Referrals for Live Openings or Financial Markets professionals in your network, please contact Nate Blodgett on and/or


Q: What are our existing client relationships and are they growing in terms of opportunities in other areas within their respective Firm?

A: Makosi have 16 Active MSA’s and about 30 total MSA’s in place. We are working on cultivating our current client relationships and we are looking to hire at least 2 more dynamic experienced sales people to join our firm. We also trust you, the consultant, to let us know when new project openings are available. It’s not just a pat on the back you get either. Check out our Referral Policy in Namely


Q: Are we expanding our client base to other companies within the Financial sector?

A: Yes. Alternative Investments, Fintech. We are also getting traction on the West Coast, Colorado, Global Emerging Markets. No plans to expand in to Commercial Industries currently. Finance and Technology are our specialization


Q: Will there be some insight into the 2018 outlook for Makosi?

A: We see significant opportunities in the RPA, machine learning and digital space in general. At the same time, we’re actively growing our accounting services and pure project management capabilities through the additional of numerous partners, employees and advisers.


Q: Where do you see types of projects heading in near to medium term, as many of the current initiatives are maturing, and others are heading into AI territory?

A: We are partnering with business and technology heads at our current clients and attending industry conferences and forums to ensure we ride the new wave of AI. Our most promising areas include Data Governance and Compliance. As our eyes and ears on the ground, we are always interested in hearing your views on the direction our clients’ hiring and growth strategies are taking.





Your Makosi Family