06 Jun 2018

Blue Prism RPA Training

Team Makosi,


Makosi has partnered with the Reveal Group ( , the leading provider of Blue Prism RPA consulting and training globally and one of the first Blue Prism partners worldwide to receive certifications across Training, Capability and Delivery. The partnership provides additional capability to Makosi and enables us to service our clients at a deeper level. With this new partnership we are also able to deliver training and certifications to our employees and alumni, thereby building your skills sets and hopefully improving your lives.


Makosi is providing the Blue Prism Foundation Certification free to all employees. Details of the course below:


  • 25 hours online training (11 chapters of 2+/- hours each).
  • The final Chapter in the course entails building a real life robot and automation (pretty cool stuff!)
  • Important: The Training must be completed within 2 weeks of starting (please let us know your anticipated start date so we can send out the materials and activate the training environment)
  • Once completing the course, you will be eligible for a Bleu Prism Foundation Certification.


Please note: If you sign up for the training but find yourself unable to complete it within the allotted time period Makosi will deduct $500 from your next paycheck. The reason is that Makosi pays over $2,000 for each training course so we expect you to complete the training if you sign up for it (It’s only fair!)


If you are ready to sign up, please fill out your details in the table below and send to


Full name

Personal Email address

(The training link and materials will be sent to the email address provided here)

Desired Start Date of training

What you’re most excited about for this training



For more insight, see the links below:



Thank You!