04 Feb 2019

Employee of the Month (February – 2019) – Darren Isaacs

Here at Makosi we have our Core Values, but there’s one value that’s not frequently mentioned since it is so difficult to achieve. That value is Being Darren.

There’s only two members of the Makosi family that lives up to this, and one is Mr. Darren Isaacs. He’s had a decorated career with the company and it is now time that he receives the praise he so rightly deserves in form of the coveted Employee of the Month award.

So what does Being Darren actually entail? Apart from good looks and a personality to match, on the professional side it means always being one step ahead, anticipating the needs of clients as well as the changes in the market. Darren has continously proven his ability to think outside the box to generate new opportunities and lead us to greatness.

Being Darren also means you care. Not only about the success of Makosi, but also at a personal level with each and every employee. If you would like to take advantage of this, head over to and list the times you are free to meet with Darren. Make sure the snacks you bring aren’t too unhealthy, even though I think I saw him eat a chocolate ball once…

I can’t remember quite when Darren joined, but I know he’s one of the longest serving members, and we all hope to be able to keep him around for much longer.

So thank you for commitment through the years, and best of luck in the 2020 presidential election!



Your Makosi Employee Team