16 May 2019

Employee of the Month (May 2019) – Jane Shkolnicova

Ever had an employee that keeps you on your toes – but in a good way? The employee that is full of knowledge and makes you want to work extra hard for them because they are truly amazing at what they do?  Well we were lucky to have just that employee in, Jane Shkolnicova. Jane started with Makosi back in July 2017 and has embodied our core value of “Never Given Up.” She is always one of the first to be at any of the company events and one of the last to leave, and working the room to engage with our other employees, offer advice, the entire time. Jane truly has been an asset for us from day one and we truly appreciate her hard work and dedication.

Jane, your dedication to seeing a project through is second to none and it is because of that commitment to excellence that makes you an absolute Rock Star! We cannot thank you enough.


Your Makosi Family