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04 Feb 2019

Employee of the Month (February – 2019) – Darren Isaacs

Here at Makosi we have our Core Values, but there’s one value that’s not frequently mentioned since it is so difficult to achieve. That value is Being Darren. There’s only two members of the Makosi family that lives up to this, and one is Mr. Darren Isaacs. He’s had a decorated career with the company […]

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09 Jan 2019

Employee of The Month (January) – Lenny Pereira

Lenny Pereira is what we would consider a “Veteran Employee” as he has now been with us here at Makosi, on and off, for over five years! Lenny had embodied our core values before we even established them. Throughout all of his years of service, Lenny has been dedicated, hardworking and efficient on all of his […]

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07 Dec 2018

Employee Of The Month (December) – Alena Illina

From the day you joined Makosi, you have displayed great enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. Not only do you work hard to gain the maximum knowledge within your skill base you venture out to seek knowledge and assist members on site at the client that may benefit from your help. We truly appreciate you. […]

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10 Oct 2018

Employee of the Month (October) – Michael Trause

A machine. A living legend. There are many phrases you can use to describe Michael Trause, and ‘Do it with Heart’ is certainly one of them. Every team needs a Michael Trause. There’s nothing you can’t throw at him that won’t be resolved quickly and accurately. You send him an email saying ‘solve world peace’ […]

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13 Sep 2018

Employee of The Month (September) – Amy Lucas

Amy Lucas’s nomination describes her as an excellent, loyal, helpful and hard-working employee who is embodies Makosi’s core Value of “Do everything with Heart!” Amy is one of the most hard working employees with Makosi, she wants the best for everyone around her and is not afraid to call you out and push you to […]

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02 Aug 2018

Welcome to The Team – Karla Zaballero

I grew up in sunny California and moved to New York to finish school where I received my bachelor’s degree in Business at Baruch College. I’m very family orientated and try to visit my family as often as I can. For my hobbies I love snowboarding, rollerblading, and when I have the time traveling abroad. […]

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23 Jul 2018

Employee of The Month – July 2018 – Dipesh Vyas

Dipesh came to Makosi with no background in consulting but took to it like a duck to water – receiving amazing reviews from his clients onsite and has constantly been given more work and responsibility as a direct result of his amazing efforts.   Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Dipesh! […]

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26 Jun 2018

New Internal Team Member – Melissa Weaver

I spent the first part of my life in Montgomery Alabama before moving to Jackson, Mississippi where I went to college and studied political science and psychology.  I’m quite competitive but also believe in the idea of “kill ‘em with kindness.” I’m an avid “yogi” and water sports enthusiast, and I spend the majority of […]

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26 Jun 2018

New Internal Team Member – Ruby Arreola

I am from San Jose, California so I live and breath everything Bay Area. I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Business Marketing. I am a big people person and feed of the energy of a group. I am very organized and detail oriented which has helped me keep my life in order.  I […]

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06 Jun 2018

Blue Prism RPA Training

Team Makosi,   Makosi has partnered with the Reveal Group ( , the leading provider of Blue Prism RPA consulting and training globally and one of the first Blue Prism partners worldwide to receive certifications across Training, Capability and Delivery. The partnership provides additional capability to Makosi and enables us to service our clients at […]

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