Public Accounting Firms Need To Match Faster Than Ever To Client Needs And Market Conditions. Respond With On An Demand Workforce.




We Could Talk At Length About How We Have Partnered With Clients Across North America – From Increasing Utilization To 98% To Helping Retain Their Best Staff, But At The End Of The Day They Are Not You.


Makosi’s Audit Services is a resourcing solution catered to the Audit and Assurance Industry, specifically suited to seasonal busy periods.

We’ll get you the best people, down to the finest detail, take care of their visas (if required) and other logistics and make them available to you for the length of your busy season or beyond. We will also do this more cost effectively, more efficiently and at a higher quality than any other provider or indeed your own internal program

Makosi employs a large team of chartered accountants for active client engagements. We also annually source top talent through our locations around the world for temporary, seasonal assignments. Makosi then assigns these resources to our various clients, but remains the primary employer. Makosi is both a successful recruiter and an efficient logistics provider. Visas, relocation, accommodation, payroll, insurance, medical benefits and other human resources obligations are handled by Makosi, with the client being billed a single
hourly rate with no sundry charges.

We generally aim to “build” a busy season program with our clients. This entails working with you in the quiet months to define your specific needs in terms of skills-set, number of resources, timing of delivery and length of assignment.

When this is not possible, we are able to provide resources on a rapid turn-around. Resources can be used for a few days, a few months or even full time.

We employ and source professionally certificated Chartered Accounts and CPA’s from around the world. We focus on Big 4 and Top 10 Firm candidates with experience ranging from Financial Services, Real Estate, Investment Property, Consumer Products, General & Commercial, Startups/Fintech/Micro-Finance and Not-For-Profit.