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Working Hard Is
Not Enough

Say hello to your on-demand global workforce

Flexible Contracts

World Class Coaching & Development

Global Opportunities

Be a part of the
audit revolution

What if you could leverage your audit experience, to travel the world, learn new cultures, receive world class coaching all whilst earning a great salary, bonus, overtime, paid accommodation, flights, gym membership and concert tickets and so much more.

We believe at Makosi that the Audit Industry is ready for a change and we are on a mission to work with the best and brightest to combine working hard, with exploring the world. Growing personally as well as professionally.

This is not about work life balance,
this is work life integration.

Giving people skills, experiences and opportunities that they can use for the rest of lives.

Now this is not for everyone – Our platform is only open to people with External Audit experience, but we don’t stop there – we want the free thinkers, the adventurers, the jokers and the ones with grit, honesty and the drive to experience more in life.

Let’s Change The (audit) World Together

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