Makosi, A Company Dedicated to The Future of Public Accounting, Helps Clients Stay Ahead of Rapidly Changing Financial Landscapes with Revolutionary Talent Solutions

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | April 21 2020 —Makosi, a technology backed talent platform, is doing more than matching candidates to jobs: they’re revolutionizing public accounting workforce strategy while providing a life-changing experience to their auditors and tax professionals.

For too long, HR managers have been limited to two choices: hiring temporary staff or growing the company’s full-time employee base. The team behind Makosi believes there’s a better way. Their “third path” model creates a flexible talent pool that’s easily scalable and can reduce current recruitment cycles from a market average of 90 days to just a few hours. 

“Utilizing technology, revolutionary workforce strategy, and a healthy amount of hard work, we have been able to deliver over a decade of game-changing solutions for audit and tax firms around the world.” Said CEO, Darren Isaacs.

By leveraging a global talent pool, Makosi’s clients have access to highly qualified and motivated auditors and tax teams that can be deployed on-demand, making this an ideal tool for turbulent market conditions.

Makosi is also deeply dedicated to social responsibility. Each participant is required to take part in a social responsibility project—from building schools to repopulating freshwater fish in developing countries. 

This year, Makosi had over 1,000 highly-qualified auditors and tax professionals apply to their programs. And they expect that number to continue to grow. By using Makosi’s services, audit firms and public accounting offices are finding a creative way to manage workforce gaps, execute labor-intensive projects, and improve workflow, all on-demand.

About Makosi 

Makosi recruits and deploys an international pool of audit seniors to auditing firms and public accounting firms across the country. 

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