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Tax delivery
shouldn’t be

Tax firms must be nimbler than ever. Respond by engaging flexible talent, backed by proven management.


Get the right tax experts for your firm, exactly when you need them

Scale with Confidence

Utilization of our bespoke ecosystem – you can liaise directly with vetted and screened tax professionals, ensure data security, and have them integrate into your company within a matter of days

Reduce Costs

By utilizing talent on demand you are able to avoid fixed costs associated with full time employees, increase employee retention and deliver competitive pricing to your clients


Our solutions are built to align with
your in house needs


Acquire seasonal support to manage staff shortages and avoid over hiring


Tackle short term needs, for example: new business, acquisitions, product launches or specialist units


Leverage robotics and offshore resources to streamline and consolidate work


Use analytics to understand your work flow and align workforce, technology and data to drive longterm efficency and value for your clients

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Tax Professionals

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us now.

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love tax

…but want more control over your career path?

Join a powerful team of top tax professionals who are shaping the way the world’s biggest companies operate.

A Career That Works For You

How it works


Upload your resume, tell us what makes you tick, meet our team


Our clients directly match their requirements with your skillset and availability


Our clients directly schedule a time to meet and speak to you


With a few simple clicks, you begin your career as a freelance tax specialist

Inside Makosi

Join the conversation on redefining public accounting

A black man in a collared shirt is on a cell phone while working on a laptop; diversity in public accounting

Diversity in Public Accounting: We’re Shaking Up Audit Firms Across the Country

Makosi |

Despite popular assumptions about the “face of finance,” inclusion practices and diversity in public accounting have become increasingly central to many firms’ core values. Firms that have committed to diversity are viewed more favorably in the consumer landscape. Plus, they also get the qualitative and quantitative in-office benefits of a diverse workforce.  However, even firms may encounter challenges when it comes to hiring a diverse workforce. Systemic inequality in the university and recruiting systems are top contributors. So how are firms overcoming these challenges? One first step is to outsource diversity to Makosi.  As you read on you’ll find:  A…

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skilled audit workers

Why Technology Will Never Replace Skilled Audit Workers

Makosi |

Today’s public accounting firms need to be more agile than ever, scaling their work to meet clients’ demands at the drop of a hat. And, thanks to technology, they’re equipped to do so. Thanks to AI and machine learning auditing is entering a transformational era. But with this transformation comes concerns over the future role of skilled audit workers. As a tech-forward company, this is a controversial topic for us. After all, our work is twofold: to keep our clients at the forefront of the audit industry, and to support the development of audit professionals. When it comes to discussions…

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A young woman working on a laptop demonstrates the efficacy of remote workers

What COVID-19 Has Revealed About the Real Flexibility of the Modern Workforce

Makosi |

Introduction Suppose a time traveler strode into your office in February 2020 and informed you that within 90 days (or less), the global workforce infrastructure would dramatically shift. Organizations across sectors and industries would encourage their employees to work from home. It would have seemed inconceivable. But that’s exactly what’s unfolding as policymakers and corporate leaders grapple with social safety measures in the wake of coronavirus. And things may never return to the way they were before.  It’s said that adversity doesn’t build character; it reveals it. Similarly, this global catastrophe has revealed the resilience, flexibility, and drive of the…

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recruit and retain talent

Mindset Over Skillset

Makosi |

Tapping Into Mindset Theory to Recruit and Retain Talent Introduction It’s easy to run through a checklist of degrees, proficiencies, and extracurriculars when looking for your next employee. But a summary of skills—like that provided by the traditional resume—will not tell you how a potential hire will handle a tight deadline, or communicate with their coworkers in stressful situations. It certainly can’t tell you about their passion or willingness to solve complex problems.  Between the digitization of data and the increasing prevalence of technology in the workplace, the skill sets required to stay competitive and high-performing are rapidly changing. Today’s…

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age diversity in the workplace

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Workplace Age Diversity

Makosi |

How Focusing on One Generation Affords Makosi a Huge Opportunity Studies show that age diversity in the workplace offers companies a variety of advantages. As a result, 85% of professionals globally believe that an age-diverse team is more innovative, productive, and cost-effective. But with up to five generations of workers sharing a single workspace (from the Silent Generation to Generation Z), it can be difficult for employers to understand and support the career priorities of their entire workforce. For current generations entering the workforce, experience is everything. In fact, 9 in 10 workers would willingly take a pay cut if…

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Makosi press release, rebrand and launch

Makosi, A Company Dedicated to The Future of Public Accounting, Helps Clients Stay Ahead of Rapidly Changing Financial Landscapes with Revolutionary Talent Solutions

Makosi |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | April 21 2020 —Makosi, a technology backed talent platform, is doing more than matching candidates to jobs: they’re revolutionizing public accounting workforce strategy while providing a life-changing experience to their auditors and tax professionals. For too long, HR managers have been limited to two choices: hiring temporary staff or growing the company’s full-time employee base. The team behind Makosi believes there’s a better way. Their “third path” model creates a flexible talent pool that’s easily scalable and can reduce current recruitment cycles from a market average of 90 days to just a few hours.  “Utilizing technology,…

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layoffs during COVID-19

Looking at the Long-Term Costs of Audit Layoffs During COVID-19

Makosi |

Introduction We are living in a historic moment. The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to impact societies and economies around the world. The pandemic is challenging the status quo, and forcing innovative action. We witnessed the signing of an unprecedented economic stimulus package in the United States. And we’ve watched unemployment levels skyrocket, despite attempts to limit layoffs during COVID-19. Across every sector and industry, business leaders face a difficult decision: where to cut costs. For many, the logical solution is reducing staff and limiting payroll expenses. But those who choose to layoff employees, particularly experienced auditors, will face more…

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Purpose in the Modern Workplace

Makosi |

Why Today’s Leaders Are Investing in Meaning Introduction The average person will spend one-third of their life at work. That adds up to 90,000 hours or more over the course of a lifetime. And that number is only going up. In the information era, today’s workforce is always on. They’re connected to their work through an endless series of digital channels and devices. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that 9 in 10 workers would willingly take a pay cut if it meant engaging in more purposeful work. As such, companies must embed purpose in every aspect of…

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staffing solutions

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Staffing Solutions

Makosi |

And the unique benefits of strategic staffing solutions Anyone who has survived their first busy season knows that workflow in the financial sector exists in a constant state of flux. Each year, HR departments stare down the same problem: how to staff up for peak seasons without burning out full-time staff.  While supplemental and temporary employees provide a buffer for your full-time employees, it also takes time and resources to recruit, onboard, and manage them. In addition to being more expensive—many seasonal auditors can make 75% of their annual salary in just a few months—there are also less quantifiable costs…

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